Hey there, I’m Phil.


I love hearing great ideas, and I’m keen to hear yours - but first, let me tell you a little bit about me, and our Melbourne web development business, Tgrrr.

Tgrrr began 10 years ago when a friend asked me to build him a small, bespoke website. As soon as I finished it, I was immediately asked: "Wait, can you build me one too?"

I couldn’t help but notice that I was always ‘that guy’ in the group that helped everyone get their projects off the ground. This has kept me alert to changes and developments in technology, and led me to develop and absorb a useful cache of skills and knowledge.

My technical abilities were continuously enlisted by the inspired people around me. And so, in embracing my role as ‘helpful geek friend’, Tgrrr was born.

As the world moved to apps, we embraced the change. Soon I was working on startups with the many intelligent, creative entrepreneurs I met along the way.

There's no point in making something great that sits on the shelf. So we started using film to stand out and engage with our audience.

10 years later...

After 10 years, I'm still excited about building useful, handsome apps and websites, and reaching people with film.

Let's build something that helps improve the world, that bring us together, and that simplifies your business so we can focus on what matters.

So that’s me. Now I’m eager to hear about you – your story, your project, your idea. 

I’m already excited and can help you make it happen.

Let me know how we can help
Phil Steinke
Digital Strategy
Melbourne, Australia

Meet the rest of our handpicked team

Dave Richardson
Melbourne, Australia
Public Relations
Melbourne, Australia
Sam Rogers
Melbourne, Australia
Louise Ostigaard
Graphic Design
Melbourne, Australia
Nikolas Slowiaczek
Melbourne, Australia
Jack Murtagh
Melbourne, Australia
Andrew Rostas
Andrew Rostas
Content & Sound Design
Newcastle, Australia
Years Experience
Design that works on every device
Weeks for your
new website

How we work

Results Orientated

Easy to update text and images

Data driven design

Never worry about updates, broken themes, plugins and security threats

Problem solvers

Responsive across every device

Blistering fast servers

Make it easy for people to give you money

Always improving

We're always improving. So we make sure to bring you along for the ride

Ongoing support

Websites are meant to be a two way conversation

Take a quick look at

Our Process

We start by listening.

Crazy, right?

Meet in person
Exchange ideas
Know your audience
Plan ahead
Competitor research
Digital strategy

We design for

Mobile first

to work on every device automagically...

Graphic design
Product management
User Experience

You're not in this alone

You've got better things to do than write code. 

We'll scale to a team of 20
developers to get the job done.

Reactjs and React Native
AWS Serverless
Ruby on Rails

Then we listen some more...



Listen to what users do, and what they say


Less is more - eliminate distractions

Improve Usability

Continually easier to use

Let's give them what they want:

Original content so they bring their friends

      

Build a community of fans that rave about you

Pretty Self Explanatory

This is where we pop the bubbly

mmm tingly...

We love building things that...

Bring us together

Make new friends and catch up with old ones

Simplify our lives

Because life is short

Grow with us

Learn from us and get better

Are Sharable

Because they're fun, cheeky and stick in our minds

Save us time

Automate away the boring

Improve the world

Give back, help us grow and teach us something new

Clarence Ho
Managing Director at HelloFlexi

"Phil has the impressive ability to solve complex problems as our HelloFlexi CIO.

Through his combination of logic and creativity he was able to come up with a unique set of innovative software solutions."