App development in Melbourne, Australia

Want to build something that fans

use over and
over again?

Build everywhere your users are

iOS Apple
Web Apps
Mobile Responsive
E Commerce
Smart forms
Smart TVs
Facebook chatbots

Our apps are

Always up to date

Let us worry about the updates, broken themes, plugins and security

Easy to edit

Just click and type to update text and images

Mobile friendly

Responsive across every device

Simple payments

Make it easy for people to give you money

Simple as hell

Because life is complicated enough

Chat integration

Websites are meant to be a two way conversation


Handsome design

Think about it.

Simple design takes care, attention
and enthusiasm

A reputation to protect

Branding is your social capital

Spend it wisely

Do business while you sleep

The internet doesn't sleep

Use it to keep new clients engaged

Look great, no matter the device

Local businesses win

Make it easy for customers to learn about you on their mobile phone's

While they're right around the corner

Make a great 2nd impression

81% of your customers will research you before they buy

If online isn't their first impression,
it will be their second

Search engine friendy

Why build a great website that's hard to find?

Make it easy for Google to make it easy for your customers

We don't throw you in the deep end

Who do you call when you have a question? When something goes wrong?

We've got your back, so you’re never left wondering what to do next.

Talking face to face is great. That's why we love working with Australian companies

How we work

Results Orientated
Data driven design
Problem solvers
Blistering fast servers
Always improving
Ongoing support
Years Experience
Design that works on every device
Percent BS
Weeks for your site



The best fitness classes with one membership

Ever dreamt of being able to mix and match all the best fitness classes in your city, without being locked into the limited offerings of a single gym or studio? 

This was the dream of HelloFlexi founders Pete and Clarence. 

View the Case Study

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Our Process

We start by listening.

Crazy, right?

Meet in person
Exchange ideas
Know your audience
Plan ahead
Competitor research
Digital strategy

We design for

Mobile first

to work on every device automagically...

Graphic design
Product management
User Experience

You're not in this alone

You've got better things to do than write code. 

We'll scale to a team of 20
developers to get the job done.

Reactjs and React Native
AWS Serverless
Ruby on Rails

Then we listen some more...



Listen to what users do, and what they say


Less is more - eliminate distractions

Improve Usability

Continually easier to use

Let's give them what they want:

Original content so they bring their friends

      

Build a community of fans that rave about you

Pretty Self Explanatory

This is where we pop the bubbly

mmm tingly...

We build apps for



Online Courses

Small businesses

Digital Products

Membership Sites



Technical Capabilities

AKA Our Usual Stack

 – React.js, React Native, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails (RoR), PHP, HTML5, CSS3, SASS and LESS

CMS – Instant, WordPress, Drupal, Yii, Webflow, ecommerce

Server – Apache, nginx and mySQL, AWS

Database – SQL, Apache, Nginx, and PostgreSQL

UX and UI – Split-testing, call-to-action optimisation

Email – MailChimp, AWeber, Google for Work, MailGun and SendGrid

Content Marketing – Copywriting, Analytics, Webmaster, Tag Manager and White Hat SEO

Frontend Design – Mobile first, responsive, parallax

Clarence Ho
Managing Director at HelloFlexi

"Phil has the impressive ability to solve complex problems as our HelloFlexi CIO.

Through his combination of logic and creativity he was able to come up with a unique set of innovative software solutions."