Q: How do you protect native birds?

A: Make an ad for a swamp

Birdlife Australia is the largest native bird conservation organisation in Australia. They are passionate about spreading awareness of endangered and threatened bird species, and as part of their strategy, Birdlife Australia has developed a series of short educational films to feature on their website.

Tgrrr connected with Birdlife Australia during filming on the organisation’s second film project “Beach Nesting Birds”. Phil had been working on set during this production in an assisting role. However, Phil was subsequently asked to take the lead in the third film project, the ‘Birdlife Swamp Project’.

This third film for Birdlife Australia was aimed at promoting a conservation project at Tootgarook Swamp on the Mornington Peninsula. This rare ecosystem and its abundant birdlife are under threat, and forms one of the headline campaigns for Birdlife Australia.

Tgrrr capably managed the project from planning to production, ensuring that the filming days went smoothly, contingencies were in place, and the production team worked efficiently together on site.
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Chris Purnell
Birdlife Australia

Through creativity and flexibility tgrrr created accessible, vibrant and engaging video articles documenting previously underappreciated natural assets.

The team were not afraid to get their feet wet to achieve the shots that put the viewer right amongst the birds but also captured the unique quality and scale of their habitats.