Feature Film

dreams come at a cost...

aka: How to make your first feature film

‘Dream of a Shadow’ is the creative child of Nikita and Spiro, two Greek friends from Oakleigh, Melbourne. After one Ouzo too many in the family restaurant, they decided to create a web series. This grew into a TV miniseries, and eventually into a feature film.

Phil was initially involved as technical support for the the mini-series. However, Phil soon stepped up to production manager to assist Nikita transition the project into a polished feature length film. Now as the film’s producer, Phil capably managed the cast, crew, equipment, locations, budget, and legal requirements for the film.

As the project evolved, Phil remained level-headed, focused and organised. He enabled the production to move forward, despite the inevitable complications with a large, dynamic cast and location shoots across 5 cities.

‘Dream of a Shadow’ is complete and is awaiting release in Australia and Greece.

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Nikita Ballas
Feature Film Producer

Phil has helped me immensely to stay focused on the project by simplifying problems, and by offering workable solutions and expert advice. 

I highly recommend him.