How do you bring people together?

Get Recruits is the brainchild of Wes Mitchell, who observed the difficulty that footy clubs in regional Victoria were having in recruiting new footy players. Wes wondered if this trend was also true in the city, and whether there was a way to bridge the gap with a social network to build connections between clubs and players.

Tgrrr was recommended to Wes through a mutual friend. Together, they transformed an online dating software skeleton into a sophisticated custom app that used similar logic to match footy clubs and players.

Tgrrr was also able to develop the scaffolding and skin necessary to support the entire Get Recruits workflow. Several custom plugins were designed and added to provide additional functionality, such as a player database, payment gateway, and job board. The plugins interact seamlessly with the base software to provide a smooth user experience. Strategically, Tgrrr was able to design the look and feel of the site to meet the target market, and structure the layout to maximise the visitor experience.

Today, ‘Get Recruits’ is taking the hassle out of footy recruitment, and helping unaffiliated players find a club that matches their needs. The web app is operating seamlessly and letting Wes get on with the business of mobilising more butts off couches and out onto the field.
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IT Professional

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