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3D video
Television Commercials TVC
360 degree video
Marketing Videos
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Social media videos
Promotional videos
Live streaming

End to end production services / Process (later) Combine with how we work?

cultivates and generates opportunities, identifies, develops, and packages film and television projects for production at each stage of the creative process.
post production
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? delivery
Creative strategy
green-lit - before greenlit to help you win the pitch
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Birdlife Australia

Q. How do you protect native birds?

A. Make an ad for a swamp

Birdlife Australia is the largest native bird conservation organisation in Australia. They are passionate about spreading awareness of endangered and threatened bird species, and as part of their strategy, Birdlife Australia has developed a series of short educational films to feature on their website.
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Handsome design

Think about it.

Simple design takes care, attention
and enthusiasm

A reputation to protect

Branding is your social capital

Spend it wisely

Do business while you sleep

The internet doesn't sleep

Use it to keep new clients engaged

Look great, no matter the device

Local businesses win

Make it easy for customers to learn about you on their mobile phone's

While they're right around the corner

Make a great 2nd impression

81% of your customers will research you before they buy

If online isn't their first impression,
it will be their second

Search engine friendy

Why build a great website that's hard to find?

Make it easy for Google to make it easy for your customers

We don't throw you in the deep end

Who do you call when you have a question? When something goes wrong?

We've got your back, so you’re never left wondering what to do next.

Talking face to face is great. That's why we love working with Australian companies

How we work

Where the film will be viewed, by whom

Lets deliver your films to the right platform - cinema, web, mobile, social,

Stunning and engaging

High quality film-making helps connect with your audience

Keep you involved

We keep you involved with tools like Wipster for rapid review - so we can make your vision happen

Stay on brand

We work seamlessly with your team to stay on message as part of your wider marketing campaign

Begin with the end in mind

We're always thinking about audience and purpose - they're exactly who we want to reach

Quality control

We work with the best gear and talent to ensure your video pops

Feature Film


‘Dream of a Shadow’ is the creative child of Nikita and Spiro, two Greek friends from Oakleigh, Melbourne. After one Ouzo too many in the family restaurant, they decided to create a web series. This grew into a TV miniseries, and eventually into a feature film.

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Bespoke film for

Corporate branding

Property videos

Video podcasting

Website introductions


Education & training

Social media engagement

Branded film

Chris Purnell
Birdlife Australia

Through creativity and flexibility tgrrr created accessible, vibrant and engaging video articles documenting previously underappreciated natural assets.

The team were not afraid to get their feet wet to achieve the shots that put the viewer right amongst the birds but also captured the unique quality and scale of their habitats.