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International Roaming Suck? Hack a Single Number While You Travel

Phone tricks while travelling

Flooding and phone calls don’t necessarily mix well [Pic: Krypto]


I was recently stuck on Koh Tao because of torrential flooding up to my waist, while the Thai Navy evacuated the islands.

This quick Skype hack gave my parents, friends, and interview subject one number to call me on anywhere in the world. It provided them with peace of mind for pennies. And kept me in contact even though the internet and local phones were down. Read More »

How to use Facebook when you Travel Vietnam: Don’t be Speechless (Updated)

we gotta take the power back! source:

Getting blocked from your hit of Facebook? Break out of rehab. Photo: demibrooke

If you are one of those facebook addicts that gets to Vietnam and finds they are in rehab, then fear not, there are hack-arounds. Using a DNS or or especially VPN increases your security, speed, and well, addiction.

Also works well for China. Read More »