The best fitness classes with one membership

Ever dreamt of being able to mix and match all the best fitness classes in your city, without being locked into the limited offerings of a single gym or studio? 

This was the dream of HelloFlexi founders Pete and Clarence. 

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Birdlife Australia

Q. How do you protect native birds?

A. Make an ad for a swamp

Birdlife Australia is the largest native bird conservation organisation in Australia. They are passionate about spreading awareness of endangered and threatened bird species, and as part of their strategy, Birdlife Australia has developed a series of short educational films to feature on their website.
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Footy Recruitment Simplified

Get Recruits is the brainchild of Wes Mitchell, who observed the difficulty that footy clubs in regional Victoria were having in recruiting new footy players. Wes wondered if this trend was also true in the city, and whether there was a way to bridge the gap with a social network to build connections between clubs and players.
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Feature Film


‘Dream of a Shadow’ is the creative child of Nikita and Spiro, two Greek friends from Oakleigh, Melbourne. After one Ouzo too many in the family restaurant, they decided to create a web series. This grew into a TV miniseries, and eventually into a feature film.

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The Ross Partnership

Agency folio website

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Porsche Australia

Iain Murray
Little Melbourne

"Phil offers a multitude of creative ideas and pragmatic solutions to the inevitable problems that come up during filming. The guy loves what he does."